Dresden Files: I’ve been missing quite a bit…

I’m sure several individuals who choose to spend their time reading what my fast-paced mind has to share must anticipate that I read the Dresden Files.

Forcing myself, I’m calling you all out. I do not read this epic fantasy, mystery, horror, magical mind trip. This awesome writing conducted by Jim Butcher hasn’t yet touched my book shelf. Soon, I anticipate, this shall be reprimanded immediately. I plan on picking up a copy soon. Not just because I feel that I need to surround myself in such epic writing, that my face may melt off. A few of my close Martial Art instructors and family have decided to allow my presence to exist in their Dresden Files Campaign. Being lucky enough to involve myself with high-level nerds, I have yet to prepare myself.

A mistake I rue to this moment.

Hopefully, once classes start for me next week I’ll get a correct routine together. Once that happens, I’ll know if I’m able to hold together a book of that magnitude. The content itself seems overwhelming to process while I also carry on about five classes. I’m not too worried about it processing, just me being able to place it back into the Campaign we’re running.

Other than that, I’m excited. Definitely excited! I’ve heard enough about Mr. Butcher to feel that I should have been reading him at a younger age. When I would have had the opportunity to read him as much as I liked, without the pressure of outside forces. Being younger had one of those take-for-granted moments. Being able to go off, read for hours on end after a long school day. Knowing perfectly well that I have that choice to myself.

Now it’s a completely different story. Also, I felt I’d share my character as well. Any feedback that is given I’ll take into consideration. I have yet to choose most of his back story, along where he had come from. I know I’d like to give him a background of having been in The Mafia, or a gang. Probably in The Mafia, more than likely. I prefer my characters to be classy gentlemen.

Not second-rate douchebags who think that having a piece, a hat to the side, and their pants nearly off makes them worth my time.

Alright, time to expand!

So far, I wanted to have him be a focused practitioner. I didn’t want a full-blown wizard, or anything like that. To add, as I read the Rulebook for the Dresden Files RPG, I found out that wizards and magical things can heal rather well. They also can handle a lot more than any human would endure. Not knowing that until I read the book, I felt sort of silly. I had wanted him to be under the category of a “cardiomancy”, making him the healer of the group. Whenever I play games, I’m normally the guy who hits hard, or hits fast and hard.

Wanting to try something different may not make the biggest of splashes in this particular game. Still, I’m hoping for the best and that he’s actually a used member of the group! I’m thinking that he will be, but I’d rather be someone who lifts his own weight.

I can probably think of someway of making him deadly. Cardiomancy could possibly do a lot more than just heal someone.. Think of what he does to people whom make him angry. The decisions!

Anyway, another random thought that’s been banging around in my head.

Enjoy the weekend!


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