Blast from the Past! (1)

Today, I’m deciding to make a new set of posts that will soon make an impact here. From time to time, I’ll find time to bring up a game that I haven’t seen / played in years. Now, in years I don’t mean like two or three, more like five, or ten. Games that are fairly old, yet they’re awesome in their own experience! Old games are always great to revisit. They were the building blocks to what we have to this day. If we don’t appreciate them, we’ll never remember where our origins came from. That’s something we have to keep in mind.

Today, I plan on talking about a certain game that I loved to absolutely play. As many as you know, I’m a giant Star Wars fan. One of the best things that I’ve played in my youth to bring me to this creation, is the Jedi Knight series. Now, when I was younger I wasn’t too concerned with what order of games I played. I was twelve. If I liked a game, I was hooked.

Which lead me to me playing Star Wars: Jedi Knights II: Jedi Outcast, first. I had figured it was a part of a series, but the first few levels got me into it immediately. Kyle Katarn has always been a bad-ass character in my opinion. I’ve always enjoyed his personality, and the stories behind him. I was a little disappointed it took so long to get his lightsaber. Mainly because I was twelve, and I wanted to cut some stuff in half! Now when I play it, I appreciate not having a lightsaber at first. It makes the gameplay a little fun, and it shows you have to be careful when you play.

After going through the game and getting the lightsaber, I was annoyed with the first level with all the jumping. That’s what I remember the most. Playing on that level when you’re searching for that gangster, and I keep falling. Every. Single. Jump.



I was horrible at that mechanic! I never understood why. I was just so annoyed with it. After I got past that level, I got the hang of most things that I needed to do. Going from place to place and whipping through everything. As I do with games. The story itself was always fantastic. Kyle is a character I would love to write-up in a story sometime. Or having a small cameo with meeting anyone. He’s that quiet-wiseass that we all love to observe as he makes someone crash into the wall with their train of a mouth. Sure, he has an angry streak, but that’s what Star Wars is all about: Redemption!

My favorite thing also about that game was the multiplayer feature. That capture the flag, and Team Deathmatch modes were extremely addicting! I’d invite two or three of my friends over and we’d all be playing that. Four of us against all ten of the AI’s. When they’d leave, I’d have it so it was just me against the nine of them. Talk about your last stand showdowns. That’s one of the big things that helped me become attached to it.

I know not a lot of people enjoyed Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy as much as I did. The story has been said a bit off, and vastly odd. I really enjoyed the customization mechanics back then. It wasn’t a perfect story, but the gameplay was really fun along with the multi-player. Excellent fighting, with double-bladed and twin lightsabers.

Any nerds perfect, Star Wars dream. Besides their girlfriend (whatever they do the deed with) dressed in Leia’s golden bikini.


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