Movie Musical Scores

As few of you probably do not know I have just moved in to my college dorm. With all the hectic advances from all the kind people, settling in, with the occasional old friend meeting up I’ve had a bit of difficulty finding time to write! Finding a bit of personal time to myself, I’ve decided to do a quick little bit that would be some fun.

I wanted to look back on all of the musical numbers that have been epically played in movies. I lean on a lot of music that motivates me to focus on writing pieces. Several have been highly helpful in a lot of processes that I involve myself in. Whenever I find myself in a bit of a rut, I try to listen to a new song or something old to new any sparks that could possibly be left. Music is a wonderful art that I use each and every day.

Moving on from the minor details, let’s begin my top ten! Please, cue drum roll.

10: Rather than scale my music through ages in my life, as I did with the video game soundtracks, I’m entirely focusing on the motivation. The one that begins this wonderful list is taken from the lovely, Pirates of the Caribbean:

The theme song was an excellent lift for me when I was younger. The song motivated this feeling of adventure, this chance to go out and run from whatever danger had been advancing towards me. With the way the music had been created, I felt this darker, shroud fall around my thoughts when this played. It had this feeling of grand treasures, and wild challenge, while that feeling of despair! Which I believe it something crucial to have. If music can conflict two separate emotions in you, a story can be created from this.

9. Taking a turn from pirates and the dreaded seven seas, I’ll go towards a liable modern-day thought. When I watched the movie, it was a strong thing to hear these during the ending credits. It gave a small idea that the character had finally been granted freedom. The song in this section is Extreme Ways by Moby for the Bourne films.

I’ve used this song when I thought about some conclusions to the Drake Williams stories. I wanted to make sure they were given that same feeling of freedom, of closing a well read history story with a happy ending. Only sometimes, of course. I take deep pride in considering the fact that most stories can be much better if no happy ending can occur. Most authors want to make their characters suffer, to go through all of those trials so they become stronger. So that side of their personality is there. Happy endings can be excellently done. Sometimes, a reader wants to know that somewhere, it’s never over.

8. I’d like to think that part of me, somewhere, is Irish. It’d be a lovely thing to happen. Sadly I believe that very little of it is in my bloodstream. Either way, when I heard this song in the Boondock Saints, I had definitely wanted to write a drinking scene.

I imagined all of these people, all different in every form, just coming to the bar and sharing the drinks. Clashing the glasses together, letting the brew fly. All of their emotions in full flame, fights breaking out with them ending with the loser buying a set of shots. Commotion floating all around, with everyone, bliss, enjoying themselves. Harmony.

7. Another inspirational song is the good ol’ fashioned, underdog tale. Fighting, going into the combat knowing full well you’re probably going to be damaged. Horribly. Eye of the Tiger gives you that minor thought of going through it all, and coming out on top.

No matter how bad things had gotten, you were not going to give up. That character wasn’t going to go down easily, or give them a bad show. They wanted to see something happen, the fight was going to be one to remember. Friends all around, supporting them despite the odds. Things are never easier, but what you right encourages everyone that events do happen. Those events will inspire you to become someone you’ve never believed of becoming.

6. Now, I know this one isn’t a movie. Yet, I really hope (and I believe I’ve heard rumors that it could happen), that it someday does. This theme was something I always looked forward to when I watched the show. Battlestar Galactic’s theme song was just simply beautiful. I loved hearing every second of it, sometimes re-watching it after the story was finished.

To the clear, this is the 2004 edition. I was really into it and have enjoyed all of the concepts that were embedded into the story. What really attracted me to it was the fact that half of it was really weird. In my opinion, it was slightly off, then of course I had realize it’s a completely different universe. Dozens of things could happen that would never make sense to me. Either way, the music that was incorporated with all of the actions and plot line story, I knew it was brilliant. Perfectly written, simply wonderful.

5. To shift back towards a darker shade, The Hunt for Red October is vastly dark and militant. I see thousands of soldiers preparing to go to war. It has this minor uplifting meaning, with this stronger, bare-back horror that you’re probably not going to return.

It’s heavily Russian, admittedly, so it does help me think of a few foreign characters. Usually ones that are generated to be depicted as stronger personality. To have this giant persona with a dark, straight-as-an-edge mind set. Doesn’t play outside of the rules.

4. Veering into a different mind set, back to the hero rushing towards his true calling. I see this happening when a main character does something spectacular and everyone is in shock. Not horrible shock, this is me as a writer giving the character an ego boost. Or providing them with straight evidence that they are as bad-ass as they say they are. Taken from the Dark Knight.

As it was even presented in the film, it was something that happened that could change everything. If the hero didn’t go out and do what was needed to be done, most of what he cares about could be lost. Also, it’s an absolutely lovely piece for those looking for something strong, yet mild in taste. It lets loose around the middle and end, with the beginning and mid-end offering a sharper edge.

3. When I heard this song, it was a big surprise to hear in this film. I did not expect to hear this when the intro of the movie had began. They took a different turn with the sense of it, which was enlightening to hear. Something new is always good, especially the James Bond franchise being as large as it is.

I see it as a good way to show a character going through a regular routine. Of course, that routine for outsiders is really bad-ass, and exciting. Maybe adding a gun to their boot, placing a hidden blade in a cut out piece of their jacket. It was a great opener and a piece I really enjoyed to hear it.

2. Another classic to be added to the list, is a perfect thing to have placed in when the hero has done what they were meant to do. Everything is said in done. Bitta-bing! Villain defeated, the army is crushed, ect. Everything is as it should be. Slightly damaged, but fixed to the point of where it’s better than what it could have been. The Indiana Jones theme is just that.

Cliche, of course. Yet the most used things that people gain their inspiration from is cliche. It’s used so much that people think of different ways that it could be worked. That’s the beauty of it. It sounds really good, you put your own spin on it, and ideas begin to flow. That’s a vitally important thing to remember. Knowing how to work something, then making it your own. Giving it a change to what’s already there.

1. To place it all together, when I really have to think of something that gives me excellent energy, it is certainly this song. A lot of emotions are placed into it, for me. There’s so many things on this song that inspire me to write. I want to make combat scenes. I want to make a love scene. I want to make a dramatic, he’s not really who you thought he was, moment. Star Wars is holy grail of ideas.

Part of me feels bad for not wanting to really choose other main sources of inspiration to share. I do my best to branch out as much as I can for my readers. Yet, I do have a strong mark left with this franchise. Not just with the movies, the music, the stories; the feeling of being this open is freedom. A brilliant, bright freedom that I love to share and let flesh out as much possible.

Given the chance, I would love to make more of these for others. I may do another one in a few weeks, maybe even in a month. Either way, I hope to make more of these soon, given that I’m still moving into my dorm for the first time. Wish me luck!


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