Memorable Gaming Soundtracks / Songs

Influenced last night by a fellow writer, I read his post and felt obligated to review my past on gaming soundtracks that have been included with those perfect moments. The post is located here: Mr. Thompson.

After reading his beautifully written post, I became interested in the background of gaming. Those wonderful moments that pass you by while you’re gunning down some alien. Saving the princess, or just saving the day in general. There are several things I could write down that have really touched me while nerding out. I believe a top ten is in order for this to be accomplished.

My Top Ten Favorite Gaming Soundtracks

10. I felt it very appropriate to revisit my child hood. When I was but a young lad, like most my age, I found a fascination with a Japanese origination game. Lo and behold, I had no idea it was from such a far away land. Either way, it was something I locked right into. Hearing the music and watching the, at the time, lavish pixels battle away in the tiny screen. I imagined high-end battles. Correct, my favorite theme was the music you’d hear in the Pokemon battle scenes. They were my first sign of gaming music that I could make a complete connection with. Baby steps, as always, and they were in a good direction.

Sometimes when I’m walking somewhere, I’ll think back to those little battles I was involved in. I remember the music the most, not necessarily the battles, just the music. It had been the biggest impact for me.

9. I believe it’s fair to say that right now, I’m choosing more on the music impacted me. Not the franchise itself. I’ll be adding a few that are in the same franchise, but they all have different reasons to be involved. Admittedly, I allowed Star Wars to have a big cloud shroud my shoulders. It continues to follow me, wherever I go. One of the first games I had been on the N64. I later read the book, and it took me back to being the young nerd. The days when my father attempted to play them with me. Until I kicked his ass so much, it just wasn’t fair. The game was Star Wars Shadows of the Empire.

I look back at on this game, and I see it as a fairly dark game. At least for the franchise in particular respect. I remember beating it and finding out at the end if I beat it on hard, I can find out a brand new ending; something they had been keeping from me! Sadly, back then, I wasn’t as hardheaded to keep on trying. No matter the difficulty.

8. With notice, I grew up and continued to be a nerd as I was. Finding that a game wasn’t able to hook my unless I had a connection to it, or I enjoyed the plot. Plot for me was a big thing. It became larger as I found myself writing in my free time. When I wasn’t gaming it out, of course. Skipping ahead a few games, a wonderful soundtrack I enjoyed was the Assassin Creed franchise.

I enjoyed the first one quite a bit. I concede, the mechanics and what not were rather shoddy. Yet, the game atmosphere itself was enthralling. I enjoyed the feel of being in the Middle Ages, the Dark times. Being an Assassin then felt quite amazing. Fighting Knights, these men who had grown up with honor and heavy armor. It felt almost natural to have an Assassin knock them around as he did. Plus, I’m a big fan of that time frame as well.

7. Halo was in my time, sadly it was during years in earlier youth. I wasn’t given much of a chance by my family to play it. One faithful birthday, I was given the game and I was obviously ecstatic! When I blew through the cover and the game disk, that opening menu blew me away. That intro was fantastic! I remember it, and sometimes refer to it, when I’m in a slump. What was even more inviting was when that specific played in combat.

It’s been one of my favorites for a long time. Whenever I hear someone sort of doing that background singing, I imagine Master Chief blowing some poor Grunt’s head clean off. It’s a natural reaction, not a lot of people can blame me. Fantastically done.

6. Another big influence in my life is Martial Arts. I haven’t spoken very much in that street. I do plan to reprimand that fact soon. One of the big games that I loved to play my PS2 happened to be Rise to Honor, featuring Jet Li. I hadn’t seen him very much, at least in my former youth. With my naive sense of spelling, I had imagined him to be Bruce Lee’s son. I didn’t get the ‘Li’ and ‘Lee’ difference until years later.

Regardless of who he was, that game was pretty spectacular. I loved getting the endless stream of combos and seeing how high I could get it. I also enjoyed the gameplay that was involved when moving the character. It was simple, and I picked it up fast.

5. To pick up where I left off with Star Wars, I believe it’s reasonable to announce I had a lot of chances to play those games. At least, whenever I had a chance I went for it. The biggest one that I remember was Bounty Hunter. Now that was one kick ass game. I remember when Attack of the Clones came out I didn’t focus on the Jedi at all – went straight for the guy in armor, flying around, killing those Jedi. Even though he died, damn he was cool.

Jango Fett and Boba were my top characters. Not just because you don’t know a lot about them, just from what you see on-screen. Jango flying around, shooting with two blasters. That style of fighting goes into my writing, to date. Certainly not the jetpack, at least in my modern-day writing, I mean the two pistols. I thought that was just a great way to fight. Granted, reality is a sonuvabitch and that’s not intelligent at all. I still find it quite fun. Especially writing such a duel.

4. Now, I definitely enjoyed an excellent placed together gore fight. There’s none out there that quite meets those expectations like Mortal Kombat did, and still does! The latest game, I fell in love with. I remember being bored in class and playing the original games on my best friend’s laptop. The teacher didn’t much mind, as long as it was done at a correct time. We slipped through that net several times. The fighting in the game wasn’t all that crazy, but the real secret was learning the finishers. Learning all those secret combos and the deadly fatalities that came with a such a game.

I think being able to much a large comeback as it did last year’s Easter, it’s a special kind of fighting game. Netherrelams absolutely knows what they’re doing. I look forward to the next installment, which will lucky number ten! Hoping for the best from those developers.

3. Mentioning fighting games, Dragon Ball Z! One of the big contenders of my childhood. Watching all of the Z fighters going out to save the day. Loved every second of it. Still do. Can’t help to keep myself away from all of the violence. Watching some of the plot lines in the episodes, man they were able to fill up an episode. Granted, I loved every second of it. They did exceptionally well, and such games like Tenkaichi and Budokai.

Out of all the songs that were played in those games, this one was my favorite. It happened right as the hero had just been smacked down, put in their place by the villain. Suddenly, with the music continually get louder, the protagonist stood up and just went at it. A brand new flame in their heart arose! This particular song was from their first game, Budokai. As much as I looked throughout their series, they never played it again.

2. Finding it hard what to cover at this end, I seem to collide into a rock. I can’t seem to narrow down what to place at this particular point in my journey. I had a lot of things to sort thing, and think up. What to do with this. Why can’t I use this one here? Is this better than this? Should this be higher than that? I broke down to decide which one to slide right into the top two!

Later on, I became a big fan of RTS games. They definitely left a strong notch in my heart after this game, Empire at War. The way everything had to be planned out, and how much things can happen. The story was rather decent, which left me pleasantly surprised. It was a good game, the gameplay was outstanding, and the story left a sweet taste on the lips. Enjoyable all around.

1. Last, and first of course, is Mass Effect. Most of the games that I’ve played to date, can’t seem to get the perfect sync that stories can be with soundtracks. Yes, games can have fantastic soundtracks. They can go vice versa. In what I’ve played, and throughly enjoyed, Mass Effect had both perfectly wound together. Certain places in the story that had music in the background were breathtaking. I damn near died a few times just being lost in the music.

Out of all three of the games, Mass Effect 2 blew the other two straight out of the water. Especially that ending scene, right before the big mission. That giant mission you’ve had your entire team preparing for. The mission you knew no one was going to survive. The private little battle in space, that no one knew about, yet had the biggest meaning of fate in every thermal clip. It was beautifully conducted. Astoundingly written.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared. I believe I’ll be placing together another top ten of my favorite movie music scenes.

Looking forward to sharing! Hope you do as well.


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