Drake Williams: Opinions.

Since I’m up late, I can’t help but feel like I need to write. As of right now it’s the perfect thing to do. Helps me ease everything that’s around me.

What I wanted to focus on this post, like I do with all of them, is feedback. I want to hear what people feel about with the Drake Williams stories. How they like how everything is progressing, and also about the characters.

I know I introduce a lot of things in a different way. I enjoy leaving gaps in information, because most of the time I reveal it later on in the writing for the reader to notice then. I prefer waiting, keeping some details in the dark before something happens that could give it away.

It’s just my writing style, and how I bring things up to date.

I want to know how others think of what’s being presented before them for entertainment. Share as much as you like, read on what’s being shared, and please, tell me what I can do better. The story means quite a bit to me having placed several set of days and weeks into the characters, and other plots involved in the world that I’ve made. I’m a fairly open person, and can take a lot of it.


One thought on “Drake Williams: Opinions.

  1. What I wanted to also add – If perhaps you don’t know where to locate these set of stories, here’s a link provided: Drake Williams

    For easier access, you can also find the link on the main page. It’s directly under the title of the blog.

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