Dragon Age 3 and the Possibilities

If most can’t tell, I enjoy an excellent Bioware game. Not because I’m giant fanboy. The games they typically make are planned out with a really good story. I enjoy stories as much as anyone. If a company knows what they’re doing with a story, I lean back and let them do their thing.

Moving on, having touched base on what they can do on Mass Effect, I wanted to express myself with Dragon Age.

Here’s a quick review of how I saw both of the previous games:

Dragon Age: Origins had a very good story. The story was diverse, creative, and allowed for the player to make a wide range of choices from the get-go. Moving on from that, the gameplay could have worked on a lot of things. Trees and skills were good, they gave another sense of choices. The fighting itself felt like it was lacking. The attacking and what not were pretty basic.

Dragon Age 2’s story could have used a lot of things. The overall wrapping of how Hawke was, it felt completely linear. I know one of the biggest things that had happened to me, that I noticed, was that when I had my Hawke character fall for Merrill, the ending didn’t say so. What happened, was the story said I had gone away with Isabella. I felt that it was pretty weird, to fall for someone, yet not take them with him when he leaves. It could have been a glitch, but it was fairly weird. Now, gameplay wise, they upped it up that proper notch just right. The way everyone moved was really good, the attacks were just as good, along with how the mage used their powers. The gameplay was something I felt they did really well on.

Now, for Dragon Age 3? How are things going to work with Hawke being gone, and the Grey Warden also leaving. Also, with the giant conflict that was going on with the Templars and the Mages. That battle, the giant war going on all over the world, that’s just perfect for both of those heroes to be involved in. Perhaps, if the Grey Warden didn’t take Morrigan’s offer and did give his life against the Dark Spawn, maybe it’s just Hawke against the entire world.

It would also be interesting in how they’d play in the reaction if Hawke sided with the Templars or the Mages. I could definitely see the possible conflict.

Also, depending on what Hawke decided to do, maybe the Grey Warden goes with what Hawke did and they fight on that side of the world. With Hawke’s deciding, they could have a rather climatic ending. Choosing which side the world goes to. Enforcing all mages to obey the Templars, or everyone’s free, or at least looser, on the rules of magic and as long as no one goes crazy with how they want things to run. It all depends on what choices you’ve made on either side of the story.

What I really hope that they do is that they’re both working together and you can fight with both of them in the game. You can use your Hawke, and your Grey Warden. Having people from both parties teaming up and going into this giant war that’s going on.

There’s a lot of potential from this game, and I hope they steer more towards the gameplay that was in the second one. Possibly, that was in the first one, having the ability to using as many potions as you’d like at once. Rather than having a cooldown on it. Although, the cooldown did provide a hefty challenge that I found rather inspiring. Knowing when the best time was to have a healer heal you, or it was a good time to use a health potion.

Well, hopefully in the next few months we start hearing what their plans are. I know I’m excited to what they decide to do. I hope that they also don’t take as long as they did with Mass Effect 3. Them announcing it in December 2010, then releasing it in March 2012. Long time to wait!

Hope they learned their lesson from what they went through.


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