What to do, after Shepard, oh, what to do..

Now, I’m not going to really touch a lot of base with Mass Effect 3. Just because I have my opinions about the story, and others have their own. That’s vitally important to how you want to see the game. After the extended ending that had been added, I was greatly appreciative of what the developers had done. Compared to the first ending, of course. Everything was much more clear, and it did show that everything didn’t exactly go to hell.

Regardless, that is not the main point of what I had wanted to focus on. What I really wanted to let out of me, was the possible ideas that Bioware may have for the future. They left a giant, gaping hole in the universe.

By hole, of course, I mean a very adaptive environment that they’re given a wide range of freedom on. I’ve heard it commented before, and I believe it, that Mass Effect is this generation’s Star Wars. I can definitely see that aspect with how massive it all is. How much they can build on the universe, with all the stories and all the content that they’ve placed into it.

Game wise, what can they do? Is it possible that they’ll move forward after Mass Effect 3? I believe that fact to be unlikely. The reason being is that whatever they did that was projected after Mass Effect 3, they’d be saying “screw you!” to a certain sect of people who chose a completely different ending. They may just go with the canonical ending that was depicted by them and move from there. It is possible, but they’d need to either make something bigger than the Reapers, or make a new inter-galactic war. Something that makes the player feel like they’re still at the battle. Still in the big picture, and that their choices are going to shake the galaxy.

Another thing they could possibly touch base on, and this is purely for my entertainment, would be an RTS game. What the RTS game could do, is focus on one of the wars that they had talked about beforehand. Like all of the content they’ve put in the game, they’ve talked about how the galaxy had, at times, been ripping away at itself. Shepard talked to all of these people who still felt the rippled effects of these numerous wars. Some developers may feel that they’re ready to go into a deeper depth with that. I’m also a big fan of the Shogun, Civilization, and Empire at War games; main reason I bring this idea up. I would definitely have a lot of fun with playing an RTS version of Mass Effect. Getting to know all of those fighters, frigates, battleships. I’d be excited to hear about that.

One of the last things they can always do, is of course have Shepard’s team find him alive, if they’re aiming for the canonical ending, and go off on another big adventure. It would be an interesting way to continue the series, but in my hopes is that Shepard’s battles are over. It’s someone else’s turn to take up arms against the next biggest thing in the galaxy.

Those are all just ideas that I had been debating about lately. They’re just a small-scale of things that these developers can do in this massive universe. Seeing how much people have expanded and worked on Star Wars over the past thirty to forty years, I’m really excited to be a part of this generation’s Mass Effect. To be here for it, and to be here for all of it and make a minor difference, is a big thing that I’m looking forward to. It’s going to be a good next few years.

Here’s hoping that there’s more to come in the Mass Effect galaxy.


3 thoughts on “What to do, after Shepard, oh, what to do..

  1. Nice piece. I too have been reflecting on the future of the series, after having a long break from it. The EC helped clarify things, and I’m actually looking on the overall game much more favourably. I also agree that I think Sheperd’s story is over. The breathing scene at the end is a nice touch, to keep us guessing, but I think it’d be great to have another period to play in. First Contact War? Chance to play as a young Anderson? Or even further back, and the Rachni wars, and subsequent Krogan rebellions? If Bioware play their cards right, there’s still a lot of potential with the series.

  2. I fully agree. I believe, at the end, that’s the real beauty of the series. (I know many won’t agree with this thought). I viewed it as a way for our own imaginations to take over. For our biggest choice ever, that Bioware could give us to take place. What would our Shepard do after the war? How would he go about things? Now, they weren’t going to absurdly yell it at it. They were handing the torch to us, to all the players, that Shepard was more or less ours now.

    Hopefully, of course. If they do go forward and make a Mass Effect 4 that has Shepard taking the lead, I can live with that. As long as they give a very good reason as they why he’s there, and why he’s still fighting.

    All in all, if they build on something else in the universe, I’m more than happy to do that. Maybe, we’ll be depicted as one of the smaller fighters doing his part against the Reaper threat. With his own band of misfits fighting to survive with the rest of the galaxy.

    No one knows. Nevertheless. I look forward to what’s going to happen.

  3. I look back across the whole series with nostalgia, and see the beauty, even with the ending. Do I wish there slight changed, of course I do. That’s the case with so many games, and films, and stories.

    Definitely, as long as there is a credible reason for him to be in a future Mass Effect, I’ll look forward to it. I’d hate there to be a follow up when there’s no real story, and he’s there for just the sake of it.

    And if they decide to depict someone else’s story during the war, they could arguably open up the route to new styles of gaming. I remember an article post-ME3 release that suggested a FPS. Thinking on it, so long as it was unique, original, and not a fob off of COD, perhaps a FPS from the point of view of someone in Anderson’s band of misfits on Earth, engaging in missions from Vancouver, over to London, almost a bit like Halo Reach.

    Needless to say, I’m sure Bioware are throwing ideas around, and we’ll learn soon enough. Until then, I’ll just keep watching the death scenes and get all emotional.

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