Darksiders 2: Death Lives

I had never heard of the Darksiders game series. From what I’ve played of the second one, I’m liking what I’m seeing.

The basis of the game is that, in this game, Death attempts to redeem his brother War. War was, as Death sees it, falsely accused of having kick-started the Apocalypse. With War falsely accused, Death sets out on a journey to prove his innocence to the Charred Council. Going into the a place dubbed, “The Nether Realms,” Death attempts to call upon beings who find their power from this place.

Having played quite a bit of it so far, I have to say I’m very much sucked in. The gameplay controls are pretty well laid out. Death moves fast on all accounts, and I’m also enjoying the way the skills are laid out for the player to choose from. Death’s weapons are interesting to say the least, having imagined him in a different light. The way the developers had decided to play the twists on the Death are very appealing.

As I walk around the game, I’m met with a wide variety of things. The first thing you’re going to notice is that there is a lot to take in. From the things that you’re in, fighting around, to the outside forces you can see in the background. A lot of which is being placed at a very imaginable level. From skies that have giant masses in them, to buildings in the far away sky towering over you. Every player would be able to feel as if they’re placed into a very alive world. As Death, the worlds give off their own sense of style.

One of my favorite things that I take in from any game I play is the story. This story so far, has provided me with a rich background. I also feel a little stunted, the back of my mind dreading that I should have touched on the first Darksider. I feel like there are pieces that are being missed, and that falls upon me.

The last thing I’d like to mention that’s positive about this game is the puzzles. While they’re not always the most mind bolstering objectives, they’re ones to give you pause and make you think. They’re made for everyone to solve, as long as you can take a step back for a moment. The game gives you a good piece of what they could have offered.

Now we’re moving on to the more negative things about the game, that I’ve noticed.

The first thing is the fact that there are several sections of this game where I am jumping and attempting to aim. That aim can easily be mislead by a false camera angle, giving me a lot of trouble. When I’m starting to climb up and have to turn to look, it all falls to pieces. Easily swirling around and there are times I have to act out of faith on my skill.

Another thing to add is that there are times this game feels overly dramatic on some sections. Death is very much loyal to his brother, the fact that War is on Earth burns Death very much. The voice acting is strong, yet lacks in the soft emotional strings that could have been played. Most wouldn’t want emotions in an Apocalyptic sensing game, but it would have fit the game well.

The last thing that I’ve felt so far is that there is quite a bit of repetition. Most games can get through that, turning a fresh twist on the fact that you’re still doing the same thing. Darksiders 2 doesn’t seem to hone in on that. I’m finding myself sometimes doing the same puzzle, throwing the same bombs at the same fighters, and removing myself from danger the same way. Over, and over, and over.

In my closing comments:

The game is simply fun. It’s a good game to play, the story is pretty good, the world is large, and the graphics are astounding. The voice dialogue is very powerful, with the voice of Death very suiting. His characterization is spot on. The repetition lacks more pizzazz, and the game controls / camera angles, could have used a little more fine tuning.

I’d give this game a 7.5 out of 10, and find myself still enjoying the story.

This is no place for a Horse.


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