Allergic Resistance.

I’m sure several people who have kids know how careful they have to be with foods. They have to make sure they’re okay to eat, and the child is safe.

A science experiment shows that children who had consumed a small amount off eggs each day overcame their allergy. Astounding! The fact that the body can become resistant, or use to, the effects of such a change is a very useful insight. Now, the scientists remarked that the effect didn’t happen over night.

The transference to becoming no longer allergic to the eggs was a two-year process. Of course, to add, there were many conflicts within this experiment.

The scientists started out with a set of forty children. Of that forty, only thirty were able to stay within the treatment. They all no longer showed signs of allergic reactions after two years.

To add onto that, the children were brought back together after a year of conducting the experiment. Of the successful thirty, only ten no longer showed signs of allergic reactions. The other twenty had signs, mild, of the egg reaction.

The experiment has its faults, showing that resistance to the allergic reaction isn’t for everybody. Some are unable to even show to be immune to its effects.

In a way, the experiments were a success. It offered a glimmer of hope that, someday, they can offer immunizations to everyone.

They’re still attempting to find better ways to discover a treatment. Working, but not there yet.


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