Star Wars: 1313

As an avid Star Wars fan, I jumped on this announcement like any sane person. From what I’ve been seeing, and reading, they’re attempting bend what’s been done before. A lot of rumors had been around the fact that this game was going be Lucasfilms’ first mature rated game. At least in the Star Wars genre.

The setting in the game is supposedly between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Those that have lives unlike me, that’s a three-year period that the Rebels and Empire are in a guerrilla warfare. It hasn’t been revealed yet of what the plot line will be, so I’m going to allow myself to speculate. The main character is a bounty hunter on the planet of Coruscant. On Coruscant, it being a planet that is literally a giant city, you’re going to be on the 1313th level of the planet. That’s a fairly low-level, the biggest reason why they pushed to have a mature rated game.

Being a Bounty Hunter, I can imagine you’re going to be running into a lot of criminals that far down. You’ll probably be tasked with smaller objectives that steer towards having to find bounties. Part of me wants to see them do an open world game like that. They’d have wide variety of options to explore with that section. Land-speeders, ships, star-crafts. All of these sci-fi things. The game would be able to expand out extremely widely, all over the planet. Naturally, I’m getting overly excited and ahead of myself.

More than likely they’re going to stay around the 1313 level of the planet. With the visuals of how it all looks, I’m blown away. They say it’s the most updated graphics to date. They also want to integrate the gameplay with the cut scenes so then that the scenes don’t seem like that. The developer wants to keep the gameplay as constant as possible. To ensure that the player can’t tell the difference from the two sections.

Now, onto more of the negatives that I have with the promotion of the game. The game itself, looks fantastic. From what they’ve shown.

The worst thing I’ve seen in the past few months is the fact that when they reveal things, it’s not too new. Two months ago, the first trailer of the game was fantastic. Way great. Here I am, two months later, being shown a “new” trailer. It was basically a mash-up of the gameplay trailer, with the cinematic trailer. I could definitely tell there was nothing new to be shown.

I can imagine that fact being a little good and bad. I do enjoy not being told too much about the game. I don’t want to know the entire plot line and never even gone to the store to stare at the case. I want to be surprised, I want to be push ed to not know anything. Show me some gameplay? I’m fine with that. Show me what the basis of the game is? Go for it. Show me what some lead ups of the plot are? Back up.

It’s one of the smaller things that I haven’t enjoyed of this game. Too much anticipation, and being a huge Star Wars fan makes it worse. Hopefully, in the next few months we’ll see more hints. I’ll be updating accordingly.


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