Injustice: Gods Among Us

Now, I’ve been following this game for a while. When I saw that Netherrealm was developing I was extremely excited. For those who knew to that company, they’re the ones who brought us Mortal Kombat. That’s right, that wonderful piece of fighting action. With Netherrealm spearheading the project I’m pretty confident in the results. They did excellent last year with the 9th Mortal Kombat installment. Of course I’m not going to veer off into that direction.

In this latest game, they’re now fully targeting the DC superhero franchise. In 2010 the two companies did a mixing project if DC heroes met up with the Mortal Kombat fighters. It was a flimsy story line. Given what they were forced to work with, they didn’t do half bad. The combat was alright, and the graphics certainly weren’t the best. At this time they were still sticking with their Mortal Kombat 4 fighting system. Which was where the fighters could move all around the arena, 360 degrees. Rather than just their traditional form of fighting which was 2D fighting.

Now, Injustice looks fantastic visually. From what they’ve shown in most of their promotional videos they have it spot on the dark feeling the title has. I won’t reveal much about the story line that’s going to be involved in the game. Only that the visual effects are spot on. Very dark, gritty, it feels like one of those bad comic-books. The one where you just have to see, and know someone will be killed off.

One of the big things that I saw, and was told, about this game is that they attempted to break down each fighter. They wanted give the characters a class that they were. Superman is the power character, while Batman is the gadget character. The two types would be able to go toe-to-toe against the other, each one acting differently. The two are vastly different in ways they interact with the environment, and how they’ll attack their opponent. Each one has a wide variety of attacks or specials that can be used.

My favorite thing that I had seen from the game was how the environment worked. There are spots on the field where you can use it to hit the other fighter, or bash them into. Some maps contain a spot where a hero can toss something at the other. Power characters, as they show, toss them high. While the gadget characters will roll them on the ground, not being entirely that strong. The last thing that I have to comment about the environment, is the fact that there is multiple levels. They had this same thing in DC VS MK (DC Universe VS Mortal Kombat). What you’d be able to do is have your hero sling the other across the map, and they’d bash into who knows what, and then land on a different spot on the map. It’d be an entirely different area, with all new things to blow up, destroy, and use to fight.

The release date on this game is aiming to be 2013. I’m going to guess Spring, to get the wear and tear off all the games that’ll be coming out in the Winter. I’m foreseeing this game doing very well, the 9th MK being a perfect example of their updated work.

I leave you with an in-depth video with Ed Boon himself, the creator of Mortal Kombat. He’ll give you a good show of what the game’s all about. Enjoy!


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